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It is my firm belief that God created the world and spoke to mankind via the Bible. It is also my belief that God's words can be understood by any person without miraculous inspiration, seminary education, or other higher degree. In orther words, God wrote His book so that normal folk can understand it and have salvation.

In my experience the Bible is a book that can be understood at many levels. One can never know it all completely. This provides a starting point for faith to save a soul and food for that soul through the rest of one's physical life.


These articles are an attempt to help those who do not know the Bible to understand the words God has spoken. If any errors exist, they are not God's but mine. Please feel free to question, correct, or comment to me.
Title Date
Big Picture of the Bible Series
The Primary Characteristic of God 2015-03-20
Man Separates Himself from God 2015-03-23
Sacrifice is God's Free Gift to Atone for Man's Sin 2015-03-26
Jesus is the Lamb of God 2015-04-14
A Believer Must Accept the Sacrifice 2015-04-26
Living as a Sacrifice 2015-05-23


These are slide decks for sermons I have preached. They are all in PPTX format.
Title Date Time Location
Baggage 2014-03-23 AM Anderson
Personal Faith 2014-03-23 PM Anderson
The American Dream 2015-04-12 PM Fultondale
What About the Gray Areas? 2014-05-17 PM Fultondale
Undesigned Coincidences 2015-07-12 PM Fultondale
Out of the Mouth of... a Donkey? 2015-10-11 PM Fultondale
Lessons in Faith from the Exodus 2015-12-20 PM Fultondale
After Life 2016-02-21 PM Fultondale
Various Thoughts on Christianity and the World 2016-04-17 PM Fultondale
Do our choices matter? 2016-09-11 PM Fultondale
What God does that Darius could not 2017-01-15 AM Clay

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